Worker of the Month: Paul Hallam

Worker of the Month: Paul Hallam

Worker of the Month: Paul Hallam

Congratulations, Paul Hallam, who has won AKA Recruitment’s Worker of the Month! 


Paul has gone out of his way to fulfil multiple contracts, even commuting an hour to work for a company in Burnley.


We spoke to Paul about his work as a Driver:


Can you introduce yourself? Tell us a little about yourself.


Well, I’m Paul, I’m from Halifax. I’m 62 next week and I have a lovely daughter and two gorgeous grandchildren.


Why do you think it’s important to have such a good work ethic?


I’m a bit of a perfectionist so I always like to make sure I do a job well and I always have. It doesn’t matter what the work is, I try to do my best.


What makes a great Driver?


A steady driver. I’ve been a bus driver in the past and I’ve always thought it’s important to look after your passengers and other road users and stick to the speed limit.


What are the main challenges in driving?


The main challenge with driving is the volume of traffic, it’s been getting worse in recent years. The only thing you can do it put the radio on and get through it.


I don’t mind the early mornings as I’m up at 4am every morning anyway!


What do you like about working with AKA Recruitment?


I like the variety of work I’m given by AKA Recruitment. I’ve never worked with an agency before but I applied to several companies and AKA were the first to come back to me with work. I’ll be sticking with them as long as I’m given work.


Congratulations again, Paul and Happy Birthday for next week! We hope you enjoy your JustEat voucher!