Tired? Are You Getting All 7 Types of Rest?

Tired? Are You Getting All 7 Types of Rest?

Tired? Are You Getting All 7 Types of Rest?

Are you feeling drained every week when Monday morning rolls around? Do you still feel exhausted despite a weekend of catching up on sleep? It could be that you are not entirely resting. Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith lists seven types of rest needed for you to feel fully energised. Want to beat exhaustion and burnout? Keep reading:


  • Physical rest


Physical rest may sound obvious but are you getting the restorative sleep you need? Sleep can be disrupted by caffeine consumption, light pollution, irregular sleep schedules, stress and even temperature, all of which can result in poor-quality sleep. On average, adults require between seven and nine hours of sleep; sleeping for less time than this can result in tiredness and be detrimental to your health.


  • Mental rest


Your brain is not a computer and is not designed to work constantly no matter how much coffee you drink. Take frequent short breaks throughout the day and when work finishes at the end of the day, try your best to stop thinking about it. 


  • Sensory rest


The modern world of notifications and distractions from our devices can be overstimulating. Even background noise and multiple conversations can be overwhelming. It’s important to give your brain a rest from all of this on a regular basis, so when work finishes for the day, be sure to unplug and try to allow time for your mind to wander or focus on just one thing like meditation; this means not multitasking or trying to be as productive as possible during this time.


  • Creative rest


Have you ever felt as though you’ve just run out of ideas? Rejuvenate your creativity by turning to culture or nature to inspire you. 


  • Emotional rest


Putting on an upbeat or professional front all day can be exhausting. Allow yourself to feel your emotions and just be yourself, either alone or with someone close to you. You might find you feel a lot better for it.


  • Social rest


If you’ve ever left a social situation and felt as exhausted as if you just came back from a run then you might need social rest. You may be the kind of person who thrives on alone time and socialising can take a special effort; or you may have relationships that go one way and can perhaps be a little draining. Either way, give yourself some social rest with some much-needed me time or by surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people.


  • Spiritual rest


Spiritual rest is not just for those with faith. When was the last time you did something that made you feel part of something bigger than yourself? Humans are social animals and we need that feeling of belonging to a wider community. Try to involve yourself in some way with a local club, classes or volunteer work.


Next time you’re feeling tired and drained, look to see if you are deficient in one of the seven types of rest and try to incorporate it into your daily life.