New Starter: Brittany, Our New Resourcer

New Starter: Brittany, Our New Resourcer

New Starter: Brittany, Our New Resourcer

We spoke to new starter, Brittany about her role as a Resourcer at AKA Recruitment.


Can you tell us a little bit about you, outside of work?


I’m married and I have two children and four cats: three sphinx cats (Sage, Sabbath and Judas) and a black and white cat (Steven). I always thought sphynx cats would be very expensive but I saw an advert online where they were relatively cheap so I decided to get them!


Being a mum takes up a lot of my spare time. My children are two and four years old and we like to go on lots of days out. 


Tell us an interesting fact about you.


I met John Barrowman on my due date when we went to Liverpool for his tour. We got VIP tickets and I have a photo of him with my bump.


What is a Resourcer? What will you be doing in your new role?


I will be finding candidates for jobs we have available. It’s a completely new challenge for me. I’ve never worked in recruitment before, only sales and administration and I debated recruitment for a while in my own job search as a lot of recruitment agencies reached out to me. Once I’d decided to try recruitment, it was then about finding the right recruitment agency for me. I liked AKA because the team is really nice, there’s a really nice vibe in the office and everyone is really friendly.


What has your career journey been so far?


When I left school I started a welding apprenticeship but it wasn’t for me. I think I was just too young to be getting up at 5am to go to work.


My second apprenticeship was in administration but I’ve worked mainly in account management and sales, selling appliances, furniture and IT equipment for seven years so I think I have quite good people skills and an ability to work under pressure that I’ll be able to use at AKA. After sales, I went back into administration and then branched out into recruitment. I’m excited to be more involved in people’s lives in recruitment.


The most interesting job I’ve had is when I did some work experience in a funeral home. I spent two weeks there and helped to plan a funeral.


What drew you to recruitment?


I wanted to move out of sales because I didn’t like the unrealistic KPIs I was being set; it was very stressful and difficult to switch off from as I was constantly worrying about things outside of my control so it began to take a toll. 


Why did you want to join AKA Recruitment?


Just that team environment, I found it very bizarre that you all have lunch together, I’ve had jobs where I sat in my car to eat my lunch. When I had my first interview with Josh and Seon they struck me as supportive management and then when I met the rest of the team everyone was really friendly.


What are you most looking forward to in your first few weeks at AKA?


Today a candidate messaged me thanking me for my help and that was a really good feeling so I think I’m looking forward to my first offer in the future and chasing more positive testimonials like that.