Jamie’s First Year at AKA Recruitment

Jamie’s First Year at AKA Recruitment

Jamie’s First Year at AKA Recruitment

Recruitment Consultant Jamie-Leigh has been with us for a whole year! We caught up with her to find out how her first year has been:



  1. How have you found your first year at AKA Recruitment?



It’s been a roller coaster, to say the least. It definitely wasn’t what I expected it to be, but I don’t say that in a negative way. 


When I first started I was asked what I did in my spare time to relieve stress because the expectation is that a job in recruitment is pressured. In this way, I was warned about this element of the job but I still didn’t realise just how stressful it would be. The training I was given has definitely helped to mitigate that stress though. 


I think I’ve developed as a person, learned a lot about myself and how to deal with things I would have struggled with previously. 


Overall, this year I’ve learned a lot and I think I’ve performed well. It was quite a bold step to move away from my finance background and it was quite scary to turn down a job in that sector but I’m so glad that I did. I think this suits me a lot more and I’m a lot happier here than in a finance role.



2. What was the highlight of your year?



That’s a difficult question because there are so many! I think the highlight of my year is the same as everybody’s highlight in their first year – when I signed my first client. It’s such a buzz! It takes so much time to build relationships and when that happens you know all the hard work has paid off.


I can’t choose just one moment but I also like to compare where we started as a team to where we are now. We’re like a family and I don’t think I’d get that anywhere else. That for me is further confirmation that I made the right decision in taking this job.



3. What was your biggest challenge?



The biggest challenge has been doubting myself. I’m quite thick-skinned and determined but there have been times this last year when I’ve been knocked back and I’ve questioned “am I actually that resilient?” I pick myself up a lot better now though, and when I have a setback I know something will come along and I try to focus on making that a success. 



4. What are you excited to develop/learn?



I’m excited to grow with the company. I’ve found the company I love and now I can focus on progressing my career. I hope that there is progression and more responsibility on the horizon for me. Josh and Seon have been so supportive of me and they’ve really invested a lot in me so I want to invest in them and contribute to the expansion of the company as much as I can.



5. Is it how you expected it to be, working at AKA? 



No. I simply didn’t think it was possible to have the culture and management that we have. I had this idealised picture in my head of who I wanted to work for and what kind of company and this company goes beyond it – they’re so supportive and accommodating of my family life and we all gel so well as a team; you want to do more for the company because they give you so much. So many people say how great working from home is but whenever I have to work from home I can’t wait to get back into the office; it’s just enjoyable – no Sunday scaries here!



6. What advice would you give someone in their first year at a new job?



Firstly, don’t be afraid to make that big change and start over somewhere new. Everyone deserves to have what I have in this job and, if you don’t, go find it!


It can be intimidating joining an established team and a new job but just have faith in yourself and be open-minded and it’s so worth it! I really believe that if you have ambition and drive, you will succeed in whatever you put your mind to. If you don’t try, you’ll never succeed!