Looking to IMPROVE your CV? Read this now…

Looking to IMPROVE your CV? Read this now…

Having the best possible CV you can is so important because it is your first and maybe only direct communication with a potential employer. A CV is seen as your 6 seconds to make an impression, as that’s all the time a prospective employer will spend on your CV initially.

So if you keep finding yourself in the position where your not hearing back from employer at this first stage it is more than likely that you need to improve your CV.

Here are come quick great tips to improve your CV straight away:


– Use a clear easy to read font, the most popular are ‘Comic sense’ OR ‘Arial’

– Font size 12 – Easiest on eyes to read

– Check spelling/grammar – this is one of the main reasons CV’s are disregarded

– Try to keep your CV to 2 pages only – anything else is overwhelming, and too time consuming for an employer to read

– Have an intro – where you summarize and ‘sell’ yourself in 2-3 sentences.

– Check spelling/grammar – this is one of the main

– Think of who the employer is going to be, if is a more corporate industry i.e. banking, legal, finance keep it more traditional. If it’s the tech industry or a start up you can be more creative in your approach.

– Make it memorable and STAND OUT, don’t use generic sentences like “ I’m so passionate” show them an example of how you are instead!

– Ensure your contact information is clear and up to date – the worst thing you want is to miss an opportunity that is given to you!


Try out these tips!

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