Get ready to get back on the road!

Get ready to get back on the road!

Get Ready To Get Back On The Road!

As we slowly return back to our ‘normal’ lives post lockdown, many of us still work from home or haven’t
gone out nearly half as much as we used to. Now what does this mean for our cars? We may be thinking of
the positives like, less mileage on the car and all the money that has been saved on fuel!

However its important to make sure that your cars are back to road ready, as some us do venture back into
the real world!

The main downside to the declined usage of the car is that it increases the risk of a blowout caused by
underinflated tyres following the weeks of non-usage. The other downsides are that underinflated tyres
make steering heavier, affect the driving quality and use significantly more fuel!

Almost 25% of of the public had a one month+ break from their cars, therefore it is essential that you check
tyre pressures at your local petrol station, or even pop to your local garage/dealership to ensure that you are
driving safe and to help avoid more costly situations of the any defective tyres!

Stay safe and drive safe,

AKA Recruitment